Genetic Counseling, UAE, launched in 2007, is an educational program that provides information and services to the people to ensure a healthy life. The program was originally developed and launched by Dr. Faruq M Badiuddin, Chairman and Managing Director, Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences. Eastern Biotech & Life Sciences established in 2006, under Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park (DuBiotech), has a vision is to promote the health of the people of the United Arab Emirates and the region through the introduction of biotechnological products and systems, and through research into the diseases relevant to this region, especially Genetic Disorders, Obesity, Diabetes and Heart diseases. 

Guided in the first phase by a panel of Genetic Counselors, we enhanced biotechnology by providing a computer network forum on which the counselors could share their innovative counseling ideas and activities, accessing information, expert assistance, and the advice and experience of other clients to create new ideas and best practices.

By creatively applying new technology, advanced counseling techniques, and hands-on experiences to the dynamic field of personal and public health, our counselors are capable of educating, motivating and inspiring people of all ages to take greater responsibility for their own health. In addition to individual counseling, the Genetic Counselors are ready to cooperate with the groups of doctors or any health professionals to the special requirements of health and science professionals.

The efforts of the Genetic Counseling program to enhance science education have been extremely successful, resulting in recognition by the health care providers and the media as a model program of individual support. With the ongoing support of the professionals and individual, we will continue to evolve and grow, while maintaining its well-earned reputation as a truly important contribution to everyone’s life.